Lessons From 14 Builders

By Dean Berman
Reading Time: 2 min

Last week I went to speak to a number of builders for a client looking to build a duplex which we recently purchased.

The clients are likely looking to build and hold onto the duplex into the future.

For such an investment it would be wise not to overcapitalise.

One thing which was clear from the builders is only about half could actually build a duplex.

Even less than a handful would build a custom DA approved duplex.

The bigger project builders that do build duplex’s would want to start the DA approval process again from the very beginning so they can ensure everything is done within their processes.

If you have a DA approval on a site, it would be wise to generally focus on a ‘custom’ home builder instead of a project home builder.

Some project home builders simply won’t build on sites with a big enough fall from the front of the block to the back of the block.

If the design is too complicated then some of the project home builders wouldn’t build.

There are price variations between each builder from lower entry level finishes to high end luxury.