The Unconditional Offer

By Dean Berman
Reading Time: 2 min

A few days ago I helped a client purchase a property in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

The clients brief was to purchase a house or land they will turn into a duplex within Sydney.

After much analysis I was able to narrow down a few initial options.

One particular option stood out as it already had DA approval to construct a duplex.

A feasibility analysis was undertaken which proved the property has investment potential.

Within a few days we landed up in an ‘offer race’ with another interested buyer.

Both purchasers had to submit their best and final offers with unconditional terms to give themselves the best chance to purchase.

Thankfully we managed to prevail and signed the contract and exchanged unconditionally within 12 hours of submitting our best and final offer.

The next stage begins where I will help the clients find a suitable builder to construct the duplex.

After which the clients will likely hold the duplex as part of their portfolio.