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Buying Questions

How to Signup
First, give Dean Berman a call on 0424 972 183 to discuss your requirements. Just let him know once you are ready to proceed. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes.
How to Show Your Requirements
Once you have signed up you will complete the buying questionnaire.

Viewing Questions

How to View Recommendations
Your recommendations will be sent to your personal email.
When Inspections Occur
Virtual inspections usually occur on Wednesdays or Saturdays. There are exceptions where I can gain access to the property prior to the first open or in another circumstance.
Can You Inspect
Yes! You can certainly inspect the property whenever you want. Please contact me and let me know if you will be inspecting as I can schedule a suitable time for you and the sales agent.

Negotiating Questions

When The Negotiation Is Done
During the negotiation I will be in contact with you to discuss strategy and maximum price limits we should set for the property.

Fee Questions

Signup is a simple process of completing a buying agreement and EFT. Get in touch direct on 0424 972 183. As soon as the agreement has been completed and payment has been validated, I begin your search.
Why Are Your Fees So Affordable
There are a multitude of reasons why my service is so affordable, often times 5-10x less than competitors. The main reasons are the lack of physical office space, as well as reliance on referral versus spending big on marketing. But mainly I wanted to create a service that allowed everyone in society to be able to use a buyers agent. A buying service for everyone, because I believe how much money you have shouldn’t stop you from getting professional help.

Review Questions

Third Party Websites
I use ‘Yotpo’ and ‘Facebook’ as my third party review site. I will send you across a link once you have successfully purchased through my service. I would be extremely grateful if you are able to provide a review on your experience working with me.

Gift Questions

How to Signup Family or Friends
Please complete the signup form, but instead of entering your own details, please enter the details of your family or friend you would like to gift the service.

Policy Questions

Privacy Policy
My Privacy Policy details how I store information and details of clients. In summary every bit of information is kept in-house, in secure servers. We do not share information with any outside companies. Learn more.
Terms and Conditions
In summary I try keep my service very simple. Affordable fixed fee, I take you through the entire process to buy you property, with the goal to create a great experience for an affordable fee and raising awareness about homelessness.
Third Party Recommendations
I would only recommend you to a third party company such as a mortgage broker, accountant or solicitor under the express approval from you, should you need such a service to help in purchasing property.