Can we continue to ignore and pretend the over 105,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia don’t exist?
Yes we can and we do! Even though numbers increased by over 14 per cent during the last census.
I was one of those people who would walk by every time.
However, it occurred to me a small positive act can actually make a massive difference to someone in need. Be it a simple smile, giving something of value be it time, money or advice.
” As part of my social mission, for every new client I gift a new clothing pack to a homeless person. Buy One, Help One. “

I understand this isn’t going to stop homelessness in Australia which is a result of a number of factors such as a lack of affordable accommodation, domestic violence and long-term unemployment to name a few.

To stop homelessness we need government, non-profit and investor initiatives such as new social homes, affordable rentals and the housing first initiative.
I believe in order for the government to change, we must first want to change. The only way I see us wanting to change, is by changing how we think and act towards homelessness. Which we can start through small positive acts.
By joining Pledge 1% I have committed to my social mission.

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