77 McLachlan Ave, Long Jetty

by Dean Berman

A remodelled house on Sydney’s Central Coast.

Originally purchased for $755,000 in March 2018.

The estimated construction for the renovation, alterations and extensions was $198,000.

These figures can often be underestimated.

Sold for $1,400,000 by Brian Whiteman and Tony Trinder of The Agency.

I like how the living space has been opened up to create a much larger area. The white facade and interiors against the hardwood floors is very nice. I like the covered decking area and how this remodelled house uses space better. I like how all the bedrooms have their own wardrobes.

House in 2018
Floor plan in 2018
Current floor plan
Kitchen in 2018
Current kitchen
Living area in 2018
Current living area
Current entrance area
Bedroom in 2018
Current bedroom
Outdoor area in 2018
Current outdoor area