14 Mulyan Ave, Carlingford

by Dean Berman

A torrens title dual occupancy subdivision in Sydney’s Western Sydney.

Originally purchased for $2,050,000 in February 2017.

Each lot has 529.21m2 on a total site with 1,058.42m2.

Lot 2 doesn’t seem to have transacted.

Lot 1 sold for $1,906,000 by John (Junrui) Huang and Mandy (Cen) Liang from S One.

I like the facade, colour scheme and self contained unit which in theory could provide a secondary income.

Original house in 2018
Original house floorplan in 2018
Current floorplan
Original house kitchen in 2018
Current kitchen
Original house living area in 2018
Current living area
Original house bedroom in 2018
Current bedroom
Original house bathroom in 2018
Current bathroom