Buyers Agents Fees

By Dean Berman
Reading Time: 2 min

A brief history on buyers agent fees and charges

The original buyers agents started in the 1990’s. Their fee model was largely based on the traditional real estate industry practice of charging success commissions based on sale prices. This model continues to operate for majority of buyers agents in the industry.

An upfront engagement fee (a few thousand dollars) and commission based success fee (usually around 1%-2.5% of the purchase price or $10,000-$20,000+ depending on the purchase price).

Many segment their fees based on what service you want. Such as a full search, negotiating a sale or auction bidding.

The issue with this model

This model didn’t make sense to me after working in it for a number of years, because you are charging more to your clients, based on how much they spend.

Surely clients shouldn’t have to pay more if they spend more?

The other issue is complexity.

Why can’t buyers agents simply offer everything for a single fixed fee?

No more salesmanship.

The solution

Berman Buys tries to right these two wrongs.

I only charge a single affordable upfront fixed fee of $2,899. Nothing more to spend on success fees, which usually cost $10,000+.

I do everything for you, exactly the same as you would get in a ‘full search’. No more complexity.

If you want a fully qualified, experienced and enthusiastic buyers agent to get your perfect property then simply reach out through my contact form.