31 Llewellyn St, Rhodes

by Dean Berman

A dual occupancy in the City of Canada Bay.

The site was originally purchased for $3,300,000 in October 2017.

The site is on 790m2 of land and in R3 zoning.

31 Llewellyn St Sold for $3,320,000 by Michael Poynting and Jay King of Harris Trip.

31A Llewellyn St Sold for $3,410,000 by Norman Su and Michael Murphy of belle.

I like the waterfront position, cool kitchen and general views from various rooms such as the living area and bedroom.

House in 2017
Kitchen in 2017
Current kitchen
Living area in 2017
Current living area
Current bedroom
Current bathroom
Current outdoor decking area
Aerial shot in 2017
Current outdoor area