Sub $400k

16 Spicer St, Gympie

by Dean Berman

A great example of how important simple renovations and staging can make to a property’s value.

Originally purchased for $251,000 in April 2017.

Sold for $342,000 by John and Margaret Cochrane of Gympie Regional Realty.

House prices in Gympie increased by an estimated 7% during this period of time, compared to this 36% increase.

I like how the kitchen has been renovated. When you look closer it’s actually the same kitchen, whose cupboards have been painted and tiles have been updated. The biggest difference is how the counter top becomes a feature against the light cupboards. I like the addition of furniture to show how each space can be used. I also like the well taken photos with nice light which totally change the look of the property.

Original kitchen in 2017
Current kitchen
Original entrance in 2017
Current entrance
Original bedroom in 2017
Current bedroom
Original bathroom in 2017
Current bathroom