Why Agents Will Ghost You?

By Dean Berman
Reading Time: 2 min

I’m someone who deals with agents on a daily basis. I would expect to get a relatively timely response on most occasions.

Recently I had an experience when an agent totally ghosted us in the Brisbane market.

We made our highest offer in a multiple offer situation for a client I’m working with. The agent made excuse after excuse about talking to the vendor and waiting for them to get a response as they were ‘overseas’.

Let me say from experience, this is not a good sign for your offer.

I suspected this, which was confirmed, four days after our offer was made. We were informed our offer was rejected and they had gone with the other buyer.

What’s more interesting is the other buyer had already signed and exchanged on the contract by the time we had received our rejection.

This was done for one key reason. If that buyer didn’t go through, we were their ‘backup’ buyer.

The agent informed me our terms were not as good as the other buyer, which is an understandable reason to go with the other buyer. You can’t always have great terms in every offer you make.

*The chocolate sundae in the image is a metaphorical congratulatory food offering to the other successful buyer. Sometimes you need to be gracious in defeat.