I believe we can end homelessness in the future with small positive acts now. I want to raise general awareness about homelessness. Below are various forms of information which may help in your understanding about homelessness in Australia.

ACT – 1,758
NSW – 28,191
NT – 15,479
QLD – 19,831
SA – 5,985
VIC – 22,773
WA – 9,595
(Source – Homelessness Australia)

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Two-in-five Aussies fear becoming homeless

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More than 16% of homeless people have full-time jobs

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Gold Coast homeless offered a helping hand at 11

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Homelessness in NSW jumps by more than 30 per cent

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Brisbane couple would trade million-dollar views for a roof

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More than just a number

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Record numbers of homeless people sleeping on Melbournes streets

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