3a Wesley St, Telopea

by Dean Berman

A two storey attached dual occupancy with Torrens title subdivision in Western Sydney.

The site was originally purchased for $1,658,000 in July 2017.

The estimated cost of construction was $785,565 which can often be underestimated.

3a Wesley St for $1,480,000 by John Huang and Mandy Liang of S One.

I like the facade, kitchen and second storey. I like how this site’s 714.5m2 is maximised in R2 zoning and a frontage of approximately 19m. Each duplex has approximately 359m2.

Original house in 2017
Original house kitchen in 2017
Current kitchen
Original house living area in 2017
Current living area
Current bedroom
Original house bathroom in 2017
Current bathroom
Original house outdoor area in 2017
Current outdoor area