21 Richmond Terrace, Richmond

by Dean Berman

A lovely renovated property located in Victoria shows how simple styling and cosmetic changes can totally alter the look and feel of the internal and external spaces.

Sold for $1,552,500 by Jodie McCarthy and Andrew Macmillan of Jellis Craig.

Originally purchased in September 2015 for $1,125,000.

The property has appreciated by $427,500 in the last 3 years.

I personally like the mixture of textures and neutral palette used throughout by the owners.

Traditionally wooden roof joists remind me of old school 80’s properties, but when mixed with various textures like stone, tiling, carpet, wooden flooring and colours like dark and white they seem to add an element of warmth and modernity to the dwelling.

Original Kitchen in 2014 without styling
Current Kitchen with beautiful styling

Original Living area in 2014 without styling

Original Backyard in 2014
Current Backyard which has updated painting, decking, painting, greenery