4/74 Bentons Rd, Mount Martha

by Dean Berman

This is a great example of a 4 townhouse development in Victoria.

The site was originally purchased for $475,000 in February 2010.

1/74 Bentons Rd sold for $620,000 in September 2016.

2/74 Bentons Rd sold for $675,000 in October 2016.

3/74 Bentons Rd sold for $665,000 in November 2016.

4/74 Bentons Rd sold for $730,000 in December 2018 by Andrew Jones of Ray White.

The total sale price of the development was $2,690,000.

I would estimate the total cost for the combined construction of this project to be upwards of $1,200,000 excluding stamp duty, holding costs and agents commission.

The total potential profit could be upwards of $1,000,000.

I like the facade and wooden floor boards.