8 Leslie Road, Bexley

by Dean Berman

Nicely renovated property and sold in just over 2 years in the St George area of Sydney.

Originally purchased for $1,000,000 in November 2018.

Sold for $1,600,000 by Sam Epsimos and Jerry Zissis of Raine & Horne.

I like the floor plan change which is the greatest change to this property along with nice updates. The lounge became the master bedroom, the study, bedroom and sunroom areas opened up to become the living, dining and kitchen area. The bedrooms were nicely positioned around a study to allow a second bathroom to be incorporated. The addition of the garage was another clever idea. I also like the covered outdoor entertaining area.

House in 2018
Floor plan in 2018
Current floor plan
Kitchen in 2018
Current kitchen
Current living area
Current bedroom
Current bathroom
Outdoor area in 2018
Current outdoor area