19 Tullimbar Rd, Cronulla

by Dean Berman

A fantastic duplex project in an exquisite location designed by Jamisa Design.

The first side of the duplex at 19B sold for $2,551,000 by Ivan Lampret and Alyssa Earley of Gibson.

The development site was originally purchased in September 2017 for $2,550,000.

Construction costs estimated through council totalled $990,000.

The developer would gross a tidy profit if the second duplex sold for the same price, which is very much in line with prices achieved at 11 Rose St, Cronulla

This is deserved in my opinion and a fair representation of the market value, due to a number of factors such as exemplary interior design, clever exterior design with pool, green space and perfect location within walking distance to the beach.

Original House prior to development