Buying Property In A Day

By Dean Berman
Reading Time: 3 min

Yesterday was epic in so many ways for one of my interstate clients who had signed up to my service about 3 weeks ago. After discussing the pros and cons about a specific property in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs late on Wednesday, my client had organised a last minute flight for the very next morning on Thursday. The key reason why we faced such a time constraint was the property went to auction in the night.

By midday Thursday I had picked my client up to inspect the property. I had organised the pest and building inspector to meet us at the property who did a great job on such short notice.

The solicitors team also did an incredible job within the short timeframe they were given.

Having my clients friend attend the private inspection gave another seal of approval and talking to a lovely local across the street solidified our liking of the area. By 2:30pm we knew the property had so much potential that we would be bidding at the 6pm auction.

We went through the contract with the solicitor over the phone at 5pm and received the completed pest and building inspection report to review. Being satisfied with both aspects, we proceeded to bid during the auction.

Having limited competition during the auction made a sale straight away unlikely. However, I knew my client liked this property and I also saw the tremendous potential and it’s great location. My client was booked to go back first thing in the morning to their home state.

Waiting patiently for all other buyers to chat to the agent, we knew we had to finish the negotiation on the night. We proceeded to go backwards and forwards between us and the vendors and was expertly dealt with by the sales agent.

After about 30-40 minutes of negotiations we came to a price both sides were happy with.

By 7:30pm my client had signed the contract with a few additions we had requested earlier in the day such as early access to get quotes from trades prior to settlement. We also agreed to a 5% deposit.

One of the most special moments of the day was meeting the sellers who told us a bit more about the history of the property and how they had loved growing up there.

A massive congratulations to my client for achieving such an awesome result within the day.