9 Wand St, Nundah

by Dean Berman

A classy new build in Brisbane.

Originally purchased for $790,000 in June 2016.

Sold for $1,850,000 by Kim Olsen of R&W.

This is a fantastically designed home, from outside to inside. The garden has been transformed from large grass space to pool and pool house. The single storey has been knocked down and built into this wonderful double storey design. The bathrooms are very cool. The living area is open plan and the kitchen has a great ‘backsplash window’ to let light in. The house has also been very nicely styled. The master bedroom is a wonderful space with balcony and views.

Original house in 2016
Original kitchen in 2016
Current kitchen
Original living area in 2016
Current living area
Original bedroom in 2016
Current bedroom
Original bathroom in 2016
Current bathroom
Current bathroom
Original outdoor area in 2016
Current outdoor area
Pool house