The start of my environmental journey

“I was using a plastic fork a few days ago for a 20 minute meal and realised after I threw it out, it will not have decomposed in 500+ years.

Hi I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys and today I’m talking about the environment and what I’m trying to do to make a small difference.

Whether you buy or occupy a unit, townhouse, villa or house, you will have some relationship with the environment, be it positive, negative or indifferent.

Lately I’ve noticed more information about sustainability, the ‘zero waste movement’, greenhouse gases, consumption patters, minimalism, clean travel, recycling, reusing etc…

It seems as a society maybe we are becoming more conscious of what we can do to make a small difference, maybe not.

I feel like that simple plastic fork was a reminder that I should be more mindful of my choices.

Thus, I’ve decided to take some small initial steps.

Over the last few days I’ve started committing to zero food waste. I’ve classified this as scraps such as fruit and vegetable peelings and leftovers.

The purpose is to turn these scraps into compost which is meant to stop the decomposing food going into landfill and getting trapped under layers of garbage creating methane gas. Which isn’t meant to be great for the greenhouse effect.

I’ve also just purchased a small worm farm to enable these scraps to turn into compost quickly and at the same time provide 5 star accomodation to our little worm friends whilst they chew on the waste.

They can apparently eat half of their bodyweight in a day! So if you have 500g of worms they can eat through 250g of your waste a day. That’s like a full cup.

I feel like the future of property and the environment are intertwined. Like chocolate sauce on an ice cream sundae. Sustainable construction practices have and will continue to become more and more important as our cities densify. We’ll need more innovative and creative ways to connect to green space amongst a sea of buildings. How we occupy and live in our properties will need careful thought and planning as with greater technological advancement, I only hope we don’t lose our environmental sense.

Feel free to subscribe as I will continue to share my environmental journey and on topics of property and on homelessness.”

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