The different emotions on auction day

“Hello and welcome back to weekly buying tips I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys.

Today I’m gonna talk about an example of how an auction day can go.

Inevitably property is emotional because of 1) price and 2) physically living there or trying too make money.

The weeks before (title)

You will notice you are thinking about the property a lot, also talking about it a lot, you will also notice that you start dreaming about it.

You know your maximum budget.

The night before (title)

the auction night will likely be restless as the nerves start to build, like a piece of corn hitting 232deg celsius before it pops.

The morning (title)

you will likely feel some nerves and a general anxiety, just wanting the whole ordeal to be over, you don’t feel quit right.

The drive (title)

As you drive to the property and mentally psych yourself up for the auction you go through all the scenarios that could happen, both positive and negative, be careful of delusions of grandeur.

Arriving (title)

As you arrive at the property you realise, the nerves are in the air from all buyers walking around you, you can almost feel it, like steam transmitting off a fresh wonton.

The registration (title)

You might be slightly shaky when you register, but start to feel a little calmer when the agent asks you for your favourite number on your bidding card.

Last look (title)

You decide to have an aimless wonder around again, just in case you missed something, that the pest and building inspection, solicitor and various family members may have missed on previous inspections.

The auction (title)

The terms of the auction and key points about the property are outlined as if it was Hugh Jackman in some broadway production.

Your heart starts beating fairly fast.

The first bid (title)

you are holding onto your bidding card for dear life as you hear the eerie quietness after the agent waits for the first bid, you want to enter, but are a little scared too.

Someone calls out a figure…

Backwards and forwards (title)

Suddenly the auction starts to kick off as the 4 other registered bidders start going up in $50k, then $20k increments…

The realisation (title)

Suddenly your entire future drops as within a quick minute they have surpassed the top end of your budget.

But my lucky number!

The next one (title)

You stair aimlessly into the auctioneer and other bidders eyes, as you realise you will need to start the process again.

I feel like a coffee now. The coffee always seems to make things slightly better.

The process can have ups and downs, however, inevitably you will find and secure the right one.”

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