Simple ways to add value to your next purchase on a budget

“Hello and welcome back to daily buying tips, I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys.

Today we’re going to talk about simple ways to add value to your next purchase on a budget.

A desirable property and not so desirable.

Can be changed with a few key upgrades.

Assuming the structure is sound.

The flooring can make a massive difference.

How about some floating floorboards over the current surface.

The wood look is really in and it’s hard to go wrong with this look from light wood, dark wood or that cool white wood faded look.

Paint is probably one of the cheapest ways to enhance a property.

Without spending a fortune.

Painting is truly a do-it-yourself project, provided you don’t need ladders etc…

Hiring a professional is another option, though more costly, usually justified as results are usually better.

Painting can relate to both the facade or outside of the house or inside.

Generally neutral colours are the easiest to work with.

It can always help to draw your room’s finished look before you start.

So you have basic template or floor plan on where everything will go.

A few key furniture pieces can make your place shine.

From a nice couch, some storage options and even artwork.

There are many stores both offline and online which have modern looks at somewhat reasonable prices.

Light can add tremendous value.

Increasing windows were possible or skylights can change a room and house.

Obviously much easier to do in a Torrens Title home vs Strata Titled unit.

Always consult a licensed professional who knows what there doing when dealing with the structure, roofing or walls etc…

Don’t just start doing stuff yourself, if you don’t know what your doing.

A carport is a good way to add value when no car parking is available, though a lock up garage is more valuable in my opinion.

Decking or a concreted outside entertaining area would usually add value.

A pool is a good value add.

The kitchen and bathrooms are two places where big value can be added.

From tile paint to retiling the options are endless in the bathroom.

Even the bath can be a choice from the in-built bath tub to freestanding bathtub which is becoming more popular.

In the kitchen the countertop, handles and cupboards will change the feel.

Affordable ways to change the cabinets are through re-painting or re-purposing older cabinets.

Gumtree or an online exchange website or second hand store can sometimes have suitable options.

There are also the modern ones which will cost more, but will probably be the easiest to work with.

Even new appliances can freshen up a space.

The back splash can also make a big change.

An interior designer could be well worth the investment to give you the direction you need.

Or simply sourcing through online websites like Pinterest or Houzz to get inspiration.

Then create the look you want.

My last point is to have fun when adding value.

Think outside the square.

You may well create something superb.”

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