How to know if the property is right for you

“Hello and welcome back to daily buying tips, I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys.

Today we’re going to talk about, how to know if the property is right for you.

The first is whether the property created an emotional connection.

Do you get excited when you think about the property.

Can you see yourself living there?

Is it somewhere you can entertain family and or friends?

Is the property quiet and peaceful or on a busy road?

Does the property have views of the bush or sea?

Has it been nicely designed and styled?

Is it generally a nice area to live in?

The second, is whether the property is practical.

Does it reduce or increase your daily travel time?

Is it easy to park in?

If you have a family is it near your families amenities such as schools, sport etc…?

Is shopping convenient?

Is the neighbourhood safe?

Would the area make for a good investment?

The third is the price.

Is the property more expensive or less expensive than similar properties?

Can you use all of the land or only some of the land?

Does the property need work or is it move in ready?

Is there competition for the property?

Is it a private treaty or auction campaign?

Is the property limited to a specific type of buyer?

Can the property be rented out if necessary?

Hopefully once you can answer these 3 key points.

You’ll know if you have a winning property or another one not quit right.”

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