Clothing pack and homelessness

“Hello and welcome back to daily buying tips, I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys.

Today we’re going to talk about this clothing pack and homelessness.

To most it’s just a clothing pack with some staple clothes in it.

Like jumper, track pants, socks, knickers etc….

To me it represents something really important.

It’s my commitment to try and raise awareness about homelessness in Australia.

From what I’ve learnt so far, there isn’t a simple solution to fix homelessness.

It’s such a big topic.

Over 116,000 people homeless during the census in 2016.

The issue with Homelessness, is there is no single cause.

Often associated with personal trouble, sometimes medical, substance abuse etc…

Sometimes it’s just not enough money to be able to afford housing.

Ages can vary from young teenagers to the elderly.

Statistics show the hardest hit groups are often the young and elderly.

Experts such as Professor Muir of UNSW talk about the need for “more low-income rental housing and affordable housing”.

There are various schemes such as NRAS (national rental affordability scheme), Commonwealth Rent Assistance, Housing Affordability Fund etc…

It’s great that there’s these schemes, but they don’t seem to be ending homelessness.

Merely trying their best to try and contain the issue the best they can.

Surely there must be a way to make a change.

Recent figures released by UNSW state 1 in 200 Australian’s are homeless on any given night.

For young people 19-24 the figures rises to 1 in 100.

So if you were in school in a grade of 100, in theory one of our peers would be homeless.

That’s crazy!

I think the biggest challenge, is it will require effort to make a change.

I often hear we aren’t building enough to support the growing population.

How can we suddenly build enough to help our disadvantaged?”

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