Can award winning design, translate for the masses?

“Hello and welcome back to daily buying tips I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys.

Today we’re going to talk about whether expensive, award winning designs can translate for the masses?

To do this we will look into the 2020 Australian Interior Design Awards or AIDA.

These are some of the very best designs in the country for the year.

They provide the perfect comparison for us to try answer our question.

Some categories include sustainability, heritage, renovation or new builds.

I look through the website showcasing the designs and I feel there is a disconnect between these works of art and what a normal everyday person can achieve.

What I’m trying to say is it seems, the majority cannot afford to undertake the scope and scale of these ‘Grand Designs’.

These projects are like what you see on the TV show.

Alluring to look and marvel at, yet largely out of reach.

Often times at the end of the episode the owner will hesitantly outline how the project went over budget and into the millions.

This type of budget wouldn’t be a possibility for the vast majority.

It’s like saying you want Leonardo DiCaprio or Charlize Theron to star in your home movie.

When you have no budget.

So for the majority who can’t afford this grandeur.

Is an award night like AIDA just for the minority?

The 1% who can achieve this.

A place where the lucky few can showcase and glorify there artists.

And where the artists can get credit for their lifelong craft and artistry for everyone to see.

Are these types of shows simply a golden beacon of possibility, if you simply work hard enough?

A future image of the lifestyle you could have.

Is design meant to make us want more?

Or be happy and content with what we have?

The majority won’t undertake a ‘Grand Design’.

However, the majority might do a kitchen.

They may paint.

Or change furniture.

They may plant in the garden.

Or add bi-fold doors.

They might be short on space.

Or want sleek finishes on handrails.

Or incorporate more colour.

They may like wood.

Or brick.

Or concrete.

They might change a layout.

Add new materials.

Or want plants inside.

Or swim inside.

Or lounge by the window.

Or use affordable materials.

To me an award show like this isn’t about the designs.

It isn’t even about the awards.

This show is about possibility.

No matter if you’re the majority, or the minority.

You both are the same.

It’s inspiring and exciting at the same time.”

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