Property is art

Property is art

“The Cambridge dictionary defines art as:

“the making of objects, images, music etc..
that are beautiful or that express feelings”.

Let’s see some ‘Art’.

(Art images)

In the traditional sense of the word those masterpieces are Art.

In the world of real estate this might be regarded as Art.

(Property images)

But I think there’s so much more to Art than this.

Art can be ‘beautiful or express feelings’…

(Images of people living in their homes and living their lives)

There’s something we can’t see in property.

Much like the hidden meanings behind each masterpiece.

We can only feel it.

Our homes are our Art.

They represent who we are in so many ways.

From afar most properties look the same.

But when you look a little closer, you see the Art.

Everyone living their unique lives.

Day in day out.

That is Art to me.

That is property.”