Are positive cash flow properties possible in this market

“Hello and welcome back to daily buying tips, I’m Dean Berman from Berman Buys.

Today we’re going to talk about whether positive cash flow properties are possible in this market.

In short, Yes!

I come across them a few times a week around the country.

It feels like when you watch your favourite TV show.

It’s exciting as you eagerly await a familiar storyline of strong rent versus expenses.

People often ask me, what do I think is more important.

Strong cash flow or capital growth?

I often answer them with capital growth or adding value is what you need to make money.

But strong cash flow helps to hold the property.

Many investors purely build their portfolios on positive cash flow.

Some like a balanced approach of some slightly negative properties and some more neutral to positive.

Some are able to hold negatively geared properties.

I think it really depends on your own circumstances.

One thing I do know.

Is having extra money coming in every week, isn’t a bad thing.”

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